When the market changes CUC adapts, you don't need to worry about compliance or regulatory changes.



CUC's Core System (Freedom3)…

  • Customizes to meet the specific needs of each credit union.
  • Is parameter driven allowing for timely modifications.
  • Delivers a robust and dynamic core data system.
  • Is responsive to the market place and to your credit union.
  • Increases services to members regularly.
  • Provides both hosted and in-house processing methods.
  • Provides integrated modules.
  • Has real-time applications for credit union control and member satisfaction.
  • Is Windows based.

Freedom3 evolves with market conditions. You can take care of members quickly and with ease by making parameter changes to the system rather than waiting for a program change from the company.

Custom made solutions
Changing environment

Freedom3 is a data processing solution which allows you to grow the credit union and add new services in the rapidly changing environment of the marketplace.


Flexible Member Access

  • Modern Online banking

  • Responsive Mobile access

  • Audio Response

Responsive member access with online and mobile banking

Freedom3 adjustable data processing system lets you run the credit union the way you want not the way a vendor wants.

Question mark

What would you prefer, making changes yourself to improve service to members or waiting for the vendor to make changes?

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