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CUC brings full service data processing to credit unions. This is all we do - design, develop, deliver and support software components for credit unions. Our mission is to provide the most affordable, flexible and efficient product available to credit unions. Linking the CUC goals of affordability, flexibility and efficiency is integration. Integration is key as a core development philosophy. This integration leads to a streamlined workflow in the enhanced core data processing system.

All CUC clients enjoy the most current single version Freedom3 product at all times. Our commitment to the credit union industry drives us to provide a fully integrated modular data processing system. Our affordability is proven by the competitive cost and maintenance fees for Freedom3. The flexibility is visible throughout the product, from parameter selection by the credit union at installation to meeting the wants of the credit union membership at a later time. Our efficiency is present with automation of processes currently requiring attention by credit union staff or conveniently handling tasks without additional input. Freedom3 is a comprehensive management information system for credit unions integrated to manage the business and not let the business manage you.