We believe in providing a quality system and service at a fair price. You can budget with confidence, knowing there will be no surprises!



CUC's Core System (Freedom3)…

  • Is always a state of the art system without expensive upgrades.
  • Becomes more cost effective each year.
  • Is a single version product.
  • Doesn’t nickel and dime our clients.
  • Doesn't require “term contracts”.
  • Provides a “perpetual license agreement”.
  • Provides “cost containment”.

We earn your business every day.


Our standard software maintenance covers telephone support, regulatory changes, and updates.

The Freedom3 core product is a feature rich system. Real-Time Online Banking, Mobile Banking and Website Hosting are part of our enhanced core data processing system.

Online and Mobile banking with any device

This is cost containment. The credit union pays for Freedom3 one time, not again, again, and again. CUC does not charge additional fees for new versions, updates, or enhancements. Your data processing system should make the credit union money, not cost money over the life span.

Core system life-cycle
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